What's Ducksnap?

In it's most basic form, Ducksnap is a file uploader.

You can upload whatever file you want, with some exceptions, and have it quickly spit out a direct link to your file.



Please Note: You'll have to download the configuration again if you decide to get an account. Either here, through the main page, or in your account page once you're logged in.

What can I not upload?

1. Most CGI text files, and various other local windows files (Namely exe and bat files).

2. Anything illegal will also be taken down as well as your account banned and your IP blacklisted.

Max file size?

250 Megabytes.

Why Choose Ducksnap?

Other than file uploading, Ducksnap offers a couple features which set it apart:

- The Directory

If you decide to make an account, a large part of Ducksnap's focus apart from uploading was making a usable dashboard for... Everything.

Every media file you upload can quickly be viewed: Pictures, Videos, Audio, Flash files (If your browser supports it), etc.

- Favorites

Currently in re-development, but make sure to watch out for it.

- Album Creation

Currently in re-development, but make sure to watch out for it.

Why make it?

File sharing.

It's becoming increasingly hard to find a service which will link directly to a raw file.

Ducksnap was meant to be a place for you to store files you want to share quickly and have easy access to it.

Unlike cloud services, Ducksnap's focus is quick access to files, with security being through obscurity.

Is it secure?

All passwords are hashed in the SHA256 algorithm with along with a randomized string.

Every hashing algorithm only has one result for any combination of data given to it.

The random string mutates it and makes every single hash unique, even if given the same data.

For file security, it's only through obscurity. Like stated before, Ducksnap is not meant to be your own cloud service.

How can I contact you?